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  • Refused applicants for information may turn to the office as of January 2020
    31. 7. 2019 – The Office for Personal Data Protection reminds all applicants for information refused by authorities to settle their request that it will be possible to approach the office starting January next year.
  • DPOs updated on novelties in data protection
    26. 6. 2019 – The Office organized another two seminars for DPOs in June. It was a follow up to the successful series of the past and the beginning of the current year. The central topic was the Czech legislation adapting the GDPR as well as some novelties which this piece of legislation has brought about.
  • Office´s Experts Trained Regional DPOs
    31. 5. 2019 – DPOs of municipalities from the Carlsbad Region profited from the experience of our office´s experts during an event at the premises of the regional council.
  • European Data Protection Has Global Potential
    30. 5. 2019 – Ms Ivana Janů, president of the Czech supervisory authority, made a speech at the 20th edition of IS2, a prestigious international conference on information security last Wednesday.
  • U.S. Students Visited the Office
    21. 3. 2019 – The Office for Personal Data Protection hosted students from the Iowa State University of Science and Technology early this week. The objective was twofold, to introduce the GDPR and to compare the approach to data privacy in the EU and the USA.
  • 2018 Annual Report Published
    28. 2. 2019 – Annual report covering the year 2018 has been posted on the Office´s website.
  • dTEST submitted a complaint against Google
    17. 1. 2019 – The Office for Personal Data Protection received a complaint against Google from a data subject represented by the non-profit organization dTest, o.p.s. in mid-December 2018. It concerns namely the processing of personal data in relation to the whereabouts of its users.

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