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President of the Office opened GDPR conference

9. 3. 2017 - The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enhances the principles of personal data processing. Be it lawfulness, correctness, transparency, or for example data minimization, limitation of storage period, accountability. Such were the words, by which Ms Ivana Janů, the Office´s president, opened the conference called GDPR 360˚ which was held on 9 March 2017 in Prague.

The president furthermore stressed that the general regulation strengthens data protection standards whilst making the rights of data subjects more precise and regulated in better detail. It, at the same time, unifies the independent oversight via the European Data Protection Board and introduces sanctions with deterrent effect.

The Czech Republic has, pursuant the Office´s president, an advantage in having a robust data protection law enabling also to impose sanctions. Consequently, many GDPR-introduced elements will not be a novelty in the Czech environment.

Ms Janů confirmed as well that the Office will strive to draw on previous experience by preferring remedial measures. She however pointed out that all Office´s activities will be subject of a possible adjustment on the European level.

The Office at the conference was represented also by Mr Jiří Žůrek, director of public relations department. He took part in a one-hour panel discussion at the end of the event that focused above all on what impacts the general regulation is likely to have on individual controllers. All questions were answered in a satisfactory manner.

The GDPR 360˚ conference target audience ranged from public administration and corporate lawyers to data protection specialists and entrepreneurs. The General Data Protection Regulation will be effective as of May 2018.

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