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Summary of investigations accomplished in the first half of 2017 published

28. 7. 2017 - The Office for Personal Data Protection has published online a summary of investigations that were closed in the first semester of 2017.

The Office´s inspectors focused primarily on processing operations performed by businesses (e.g. bank sector and financial services brokers), but also on processing of personal data within law enforcement bodies (Police of the Czech Republic, Police Presidium, municipal police forces).

“The scope of investigated subjects moreover included housing associations, natural persons developing business, health insurances, church groupings as well as businesses and marketing companies in connection with unsolicited commercial communications,” said Mr Tomáš Paták, spokesman of the Office.

The complete list of the accomplished investigations for the first half of 2017, divided into standard supervisory activity and investigations linked to unsolicited commercial communications is available in the Czech language at:

Responsible: Mgr. Vojtěch Marcín
Created / changed: 4.8.2017 / 4.8.2017


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