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Office´s experts at Salvation Army seminar

18. 12. 2017 – Last week, experts from our office lectured at a seminar on data privacy the audience of which was workers of social facilities falling under the wings of the Salvation Army.


The keynote speaker was Ms Soňa Matochová, head of analytical department. She provided an introduction to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and explained the reasons for its existence. “We live in an exciting days of automation, use of robots, vast progress and research that stands people at hand. However, protection of our personal data is often neglected in this context. Effective privacy protection is then definitely essential for our democracy, being an important pillar for further improvement of every individual´s rights and freedoms,” Ms Matochová stressed. She also took time to explain the principles of personal data security, basic notions introduced by the GDPR as well as the method how to approach the new regulation from the Salvation Army perspective.

The presentations were followed by a discussion during which Ms Matochová was joined by two other office´s experts, namely Ms Marta Mühlhoferová from the analytical department and Mr Petr Kobylka, director of the president´s office.

This event was one of the last public appearances of our experts. Altogether, the year 2017 saw an active participation of our employees at almost 90 occasions.

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