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The Office Co-hosted International Conference on GDPR

2. 2. 2018 - The elegant Liechtenstein Palace on the Vltava river embankment in Prague saw a two-day international conference titled “GDPR and its implementation into the daily practice of public administration”. The event was organized by the Ministry of Interior, the Coordinator for Digital Agenda at the Government Office, and the Office for Personal Data Protection. The Office´s president, Ms Ivana Janů held one of the opening speeches and several other Office´s experts appeared later as speakers.


Ms Janů tried to dispel a widespread opinion that the general regulation brings about a series of total novelties for entrepreneurs. “Most provisions of the GDPR provide for items that already are of elder date, having been in force under the current data protection law for many years,” said Ms Janů by adding it is rather evolution than revolution the general regulation will introduce. She expressed her wishes that the conference would help bust such myths.

An exclusive guest, Ms Věra Jourová, the Czech member of the European Commission, supported these words. She emphasized namely the factor of simplification and improved transparency of the whole European data protection law, when there will be one piece of legislation for all instead of 28 national systems. Furthermore, she underlined the emergence of better awareness of one´s own identity and its value for each individual citizen, not only in the Czech Republic.

Among other distinguished speakers, participants could see, for instance, Mr Miroslav Tůma, director of the Department of cyber-security and ICT coordination, Mr Achim Klabunde from the European Data Protection Supervisor, Mr Fidel Santiago, general director for informatics at the European Commission, or Mr Rolf Breidenbach, data protection officer at the Ministry of Interior of the Land Brandenburg. Speakers from the Office for Personal Data Protection were Mr Josef Prokeš, director of the administration section and Ms Miroslava Matoušová, senior counsel for government affairs, who also contributed significantly to the organization of the conference.

This conference was one of the awareness raising activities around GDPR in which the Office was involved. Last year, the Office´s experts took part in almost 90 different events. An important information source is also the Office´s website, namely the pages devoted to the GDPR offering latest news on the regulation in a form accessible both to the professional as well as general public.

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