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How to communicate your data protection officer (DPO) to us?

25. 5. 2018 - Controllers and processors who shall designate a DPO in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are obliged pursuant to Article 37(7) to publish the contact details of their DPO as well as to communicate them to the Office for Personal Data Protection.

The GDPR does not specify the form and method of such communication. You may send the DPO´s contact details by email to or through the data box (datová schránka) qkbaa2n by labelling the message with “DPO notification” (Oznámení pověřence).

The communication shall include: 

• Identification details of the notifying controller or processor
• Identification of the DPO (name, surname)
• Contact details of the DPO (e-mail, phone)

This information is to be provided by a controller or a processor, not by the natural person designated as DPO. This apply also to situations where a natural person provides the DPO services for more entities.

The GDPR does not specify the form in which controllers or processors shall publish the DPO´s contact details. The most appropriate way is a disclosure on a website or, as the case may be, complementary on the official notification board as well.
Responsible: Mgr. Vojtěch Marcín
Created / changed: 25.5.2018 / 25.5.2018


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