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The Office hosted seminars for DPOs

30. 7. 2018 – The Office for Personal Data Protection organized two events for data protection officers offering a unique possibility to exchange first work experience.

Both events took place in the office´s premises on 27 June 2018 and 11 July 2018 respectively. The audience came from different institutions and organizations.

Several experts from the hosting office presented on different topics with the common denominator – the GDPR. Ms Miroslava Matoušová, Mrs Miroslava Matoušová and MR Jiří Źůrek during theirs performancesenior counsel for government affairs spoke about the obligations related to the nomination of a DPO. She presented thoroughly on data subjects´ rights under the GDPR as well as on how data controllers can fulfil these rights.

Mr Jiří Žůrek, director of the consultancy department, stated that a DPO was nominated even I the organizations that didn´t need to do so (typically school canteens, children´s homes or municipal libraries). However, it is the controller, who assesses, if a DPO is necessary, he stressed.

Ms Soňa Matochová, head of the analytical unit, focused her presentation on the GDPR in light of the rapid development of technology. The GDPR is, following her statement, an ambitious project destined to seek balance between the free movement of information and the protection of privacy.

Both events offered enough space for fruitful discussion and questions from the participants.
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