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Investigation does not necessarily mean sanction

25. 9. 2018 - A series of GDPR-related seminars targeted at businesses have been prepared for the months of September and October, all of them under participation of the office´s experts. One of the events have already taken place most recently in the city of Pilsen.

The office´s representative Mr Jiří Žůrek encouraged the audience to be transparent, correct and consequent towards their customers in matters of personal data. Such approach can reduce the volume of complaints potentially lodged with the office.
Jiří Žůrek during his performance
Data controllers should not panic even in case of an investigation into their company.  This does not automatically entail an imposition of a fine. The office has, pursuant the GDPR, many other remedial measures at hand. It is, among others, a warning or an order to accommodate the data subject´s request.

It is not in the office´s interest to impose as much as possible sanctions, but to ensure rectification and to strengthen awareness about personal data protection.

The office´s representatives intend to bring about this message also at the next seminars in other Czech county towns.
Responsible: Mgr. Vojtěch Marcín
Created / changed: 25.9.2018 / 25.9.2018


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