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14. 1. 2019 – Office´s statement on the termination of the domain.

As we already have informed, our office investigated into the illegal processing of personal data on the website brought to our attention through several complaints.

The office found out that the domain was anonymously registered with the U.S. company DreamHost, LLC. This company also provided webhosting for this domain. Late in 2018, we notified them of the unlawful content at the given website and asked for cooperation.

Specifically, the office reminded the webhosting provider of the fact that did process personal data at variance with the general data protection regulation. It included namely the disclosure of unlawfully collected data about persons in the Czech Republic. The minimum set of these data comprised the name, date of birth, and address. Also copies of identity cards, photos, and contact details were published.

There was no legal ground for such data processing. Moreover, other obligations ensuing from the general data protection regulation were probably breached as well. DreamHost, LLC, as the data processor, was obliged to observe the legal provisions concerning protection of personal data and to cooperate with the office.

Conequently, DreamHost, LLC informed the office early in 2019 about their decision to terminate hosting for the domain in question as they – on the basis of the office´s communication - acknowledged that the operation of this website represented a breach of law. The website is not accessible as from 8 January 2019.
Responsible: Mgr. Vojtěch Marcín
Created / changed: 17.1.2019 / 17.1.2019


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