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U.S. Students Visited the Office

21. 3. 2019 – The Office for Personal Data Protection hosted students from the Iowa State University of Science and Technology early this week. The objective was twofold, to introduce the GDPR and to compare the approach to data privacy in the EU and the USA.

Dr Soňa Matochová, head of the analytical division, held the introductory presentation in which she outlined the main principles of the current data protection law.DiscussionWe live in times when the striking of balance between the free flow of information and the protection of personal data and privacy appears necessary,“ stressed Ms Matochová during her speech. 

Furthermore, she explained some of the newly introduced mechanisms and summarized the competencies of the Office for Personal Data Protection as the supervisory authority in the respective area. 

The presentation was followed by a vivid discussion that focused namely on a comparison of the legal approach to data protection - or data privacy – in the USA and the European Union.
Responsible: Mgr. Vojtěch Marcín
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