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European Data Protection Has Global Potential

30. 5. 2019 – Ms Ivana Janů, president of the Czech supervisory authority, made a speech at the 20th edition of IS2, a prestigious international conference on information security last Wednesday.

Ms Janů who assumed co-patronage of the two-day event talked at the opening ceremony in the historic building of Karolinum in Prague.

In her opinion, the data privacy model as established in the general data protection regulation (GDPR) has exceeded the boundaries of the European Economic Area by becoming more and more a global standard. “This is namely evidenced by the recent changes to the legislative framework of data protection in Japan and the reiterated recognition among the business and political circles in the USA where a GDPR-style federal act is called for.”, Ms Janů said.
Ivana Janů
Data subject´s rights and the resulting obligations of controllers and processors belong among the concepts that are exported relatively successfully. However, there are limits. This development cannot contribute to the resolution of all issues, complainants from the EU turn to the supervisory authorities.

Viewed from another vantage point, these limits are fully mirrored in a number of concerns of the past years – disinformation campaigns and fake manipulations. I personally perceive extraordinarily intensively the danger for modern liberal democracy and, in fact, for our entire civilisation also in the process of mingling digital life and the world of physical contacts. This is not a virtual reality, this is the reality of the 21th century.”, Ms Janů explained, mindful of the modern human addiction on technologies enhancing our everyday comfort. “It is necessary to realize that the online life plunges us into loneliness.”, she added.

The conference “20 years of IS2… security of all of us?!” was focused primarily on middle and higher management from the public and business sectors, namely from the public administration, utilities, and finance. However, also data protection experts and all involved in the development and management of information security could take away valuable information.
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