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Office´s Experts Trained Regional DPOs

31. 5. 2019 – DPOs of municipalities from the Carlsbad Region profited from the experience of our office´s experts during an event at the premises of the regional council.

Mr Hejlík, head of the consultancy division, explained the main attributes of personal data processing in relation to the new data protection legislation. 
Mrs Matousova
Ms Matoušová, advisor to the president of the office, presented the topical issues that might be of concern in the public bodies. She especially focused on the function of DPO explaining what the qualification and administrative requirements are like. She said: “DPOs must always be notified by the employing controller. Unfortunately, we often saw cases where DPOs notified themselves with our authority. On the other hand, DPOs often were not aware, who, when and on which grounds made the notification concerning them.”

Following the office´s qualified estimate, there are about 16 500 DPOs in the Czech Republic. Numerous organizations have installed a DPO even if they were not bound by this obligation. 

The office´s experts took part in numerous events of that kind. The next one is planned for the month of June.
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