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Meeting with retirement home staff closed this year´s lecture series

19.12. 2019 – The Office for Personal Data Protection represented by Ms Soňa Matochová, head of the analytical division, provided a lecture for the staff of a retirement home in Prague. The presentation was tailor-made to the specific needs of social workers. The audience could learn main principles of the GDPR as well as of the Czech data protection act. Special focus was put on the instrument of consent which is often used excessively. Finally, the retirement home staff profited from a vivid discussion.

MatochováThe event was organized on the initiative of the retirement home management within the framework of their staff education.

The office´s experts took part in tens of lectures and seminars throughout the year. The meeting at the retirement house was the last of that kind in this year.
Responsible: Mgr. Vojtěch Marcín
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