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I want an independent authority that will be a partner for the public and private sectors

9. 10. 2020 – The president of the Office for Personal Data Protection, Mr Jiří Kaucký, held a speech at the international conference “GDPR 2020“. He presented the current priorities and goals to be pursued.

Mr Jiří Kaucký recalled the original office´s mission which is the regulation of how personal data are treated. Especially in this era, information of that kind is a huge source of power. “Legal regulation of personal data treatment is not an end in itself. The primary reason is not the ´protection for protection´, but rather the fact that through personal data the privacy of citizens is protected and consequently their dignity is preserved. Typically, dishonest practices of other private persons is a threat and, as displayed not only in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, the threat is namely the excessive government interference with our freedom”, he said.

It is just the Office for Personal Data Protection that should represent the instance that will see to this danger. “It is necessary that the office is a voice of one calling in the wilderness – even in relation to the otherwise generous effort to fight the dangerous coronavirus – wherever we easily resign on our freedom or, which might be even worse, we do not percept its restriction”, Mr Kaucký explained.

The president of the Office would like to focus on partnerships with local government in the first place. In his words, the relationship with municipalities and regions should not be based on confrontation, but rather on the cooperation principle. “Namely, we should help municipalities and their data protection officers to design processes in a way that they be able to fulfil their very useful duties in a manner respecting the citizens´ privacy”.

However, in relation to the private sector, a strategy of education is inevitable. “Methodology should always stand at the forefront. The office´s supervisory competencies in the strict sense of word should only be used as a last resort. Where necessary, of course, we will apply our competencies very strongly in order to preserve respect not only for ourselves, but for the protection of citizens´ privacy and personal data”, the office´s president underlined.

He also presented a couple of statistical data, talked about the effectivity of the GDPR and about the assessment of impact of the office´s decretive activity as well as about its position on the processing of personal data in the eRouška (eFacemask) application and on the re-use of personal data from public registries. Furthermore, he presented the European dimension of the office´s activity and the latest issuess concerning the free access to information.

The conference GDPR 2020 was traditionally organized in Prague by the Association for Personal Data Protection in cooperation with Microsoft and the Association of In-House Lawyers of the Czech Republic.
Responsible: Mgr. Vojtěch Marcín
Created / changed: 9.10.2020 / 9.10.2020


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