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Cybersecurity is a matter of our own responsibility first and foremost

23. 10. 2020 – The prestigious international conference IS2 – Information Security Summit – took place under the auspices of the Office for Personal Data Protection. Mr Jiří Kaucký, the office´s president, presented his greetings whereby he summed up the dangers that from the data protection perspective the cyberspace brings implies and outlined possibilities how to avoid them.

Mr Kaucký stressed that it is not sufficient to only wait for global solutions. The objective should be reaching the highest level possible of autarky in the technical aspects of data protection. “This autarky will namely offer us a control over the real-life treatment of our data as well as over the knowledge that there will nowhere be a back-up copy of the deleted data. In the area of ICT administration and development, unfortunately, the government has been facing lasting security problems which is the fact confirmed by more than one report of the Security Information Service (BIS) or of the Supreme Audit Office (NKÚ) over the past years“, he said. 

Now we´ve got momentum as to the cybersecurity during the current measures designed to contain the COVID-19 pandemic when working from home has become standard. Such practice has proven to be a big security challenge, not only for SMEs that not necessarily were prepared for such contingency, but for the public administration as well. In case of the latter, risks arise in respect to the big public databases of the government. 

However, a European or even a global regulation cannot fully work in the dynamic digital environment. It is necessary to involve all citizens to be successful. “Namely important is a responsible approach by individuals and a continuous enhancement of protection, either through appropriate technical measures or by evaluation of probability and gravity of security risks ensuing from our own behaviour,“ Mr Kaucký emphasized. 

The 21st edition of the international conference IS2 – Information Security Summit that again took place in the premises of the Charles University this week has set as a goal to raise awareness of important trends in the field of the information security.  
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