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Leonardo da Vinci Partnership project 2


The Office has got  green light for another project funded from the EU´s Lifelong Learning/Leonardo da Vinci – Partnership programme. This new project titled “Raising awareness of the data protection issues among the employees working in the EU“ is a follow-up to the previous project focused on employers.

There is a huge amount of information, often very sensitive, employers collect and process about their employees. To control and assess the staff they use technologies impacting the privacy of the employees themselves and third persons as well (clients, business partners). Within international companies employee data are often transferred towards countries that don´t provide an adequate level of data protection.

Employees show lack of awareness about their rights in the area of privacy and data protection. Moreover, they are often afraid of claiming their legally grounded rights due to subordination. This and the effort to improve the unsatisfactory situation are the main driving force behind the project.

The objective is to prepare a comprehensive and versatile handbook applicable in real-life situations and to raise awareness through information materials, internet and, if need be, tailor-made actions among employees and employers from different sectors in the partner countries.

The project was successfully finished and the result, guide for employees Privacy protection in the workplace, is available here.



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