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Results of the 1st year (2007)


“My Privacy!
Don't look, don't poke about!”

1 st year (2007) – results

The competition for children and young people aged 12-20 announced by the Office for Personal Data Protection to mark Data Protection Day declared by the Council of Europe on 28 January attracted almost 200 contributions – essays, drawings, collages and sculptures. We thank all those who took part for their contributions, and we have to admit that the panel had a very difficult task in selecting the winning contributions. We congratulate the competition's winners, who were ceremonially announced at the International Film Festival for Children and Youth in Zlín on 1 June 2007, and to all those who didn't win or couldn't find the time to take part: don't despair, because the competition will be held again next year!

winning contributions

12 – 15 age group 16 – 20 age group
Robin Fučík
ZUŠ Havlíčkův Brod
Hana Kubátová
ZUŠ Havlíčkův Brod
vítězná kresba vítězná kresba

12 – 15 age group 16 – 20 age group
Kateřina Kosová
Gymnázium Teplice
Download file
Lucie Hronová
Škola Kavčí hory, Praha
Download file

honourable mention

under 12 age group
Jan Pršala
DDM Tábor
Download file
Ondřej Sedláček
DDM Tábor
Download file

16 – 20 age group
essays sculpture
Lucie Zemanová
SOŠ a SOU automobilní, Ústí n. Orlicí
Download file
Veronika Svobodová

other contributions

drawings essays
12 – 15 age group 12 – 15 age group
16 – 20 age group 16 – 20 age group

Competition partners:

Film festival Zlín Český rozhlas 2 - Praha Alík - dětský internet Radio Hey Učitelské noviny


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