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Educational program "Protection of Personal Data in Education"


Protection of Personal Data in Education

Description of Educational Program

1. Contents – detailed survey of topics:

One lesson will be dedicated to the right to personal data protection within the framework of human rights and the Czech legislation.

The fundamental rights guaranteed both by the Constitution and the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms include the right to protection of private and family life. It will be explained in this context why personal data must be protected and how such protection is ensured, and what is the relation of the Personal Data Protection Act to the European legal rules (i.e. how and why the Czech legislation is harmonized with European law). In particular, it will be explained that personal data are a key to our privacy, which is one of the basic values of our civilization.

Explanation will also be provided with respect to the principles of personal data protection and the “balance principle”, which ensures equilibrium between personal data protection and security (this aspect is important especially in relation to the topical issue of terrorism), as well as a balanced relation between the general Personal Data Protection Act and the special laws that also provide for personal data protection. In the interest of preserving civil rights, it is increasingly important to be able to enforce the right to privacy and to be aware of the fundamental legal provisions, on the basis of which this right can be exercised. One lesson will be dedicated to the subject of personal data protection in schools. The Office has experience with personal data protection related to a number of areas where personal data are processed. Personal data are also processed in schools. Explanation of these issues will be based on the principles of personal data protection that must be maintained from the viewpoint of Personal Data Protection Act and from the viewpoint of protection of privacy. On the basis of their practical experience, the teachers will be able to raise questions related to situations which they must face up within their educational activities.

Two lessons will be dedicated to the possibilities of applying protection of personal data and privacy in the framework of specific subjects (for more details cf. section 5).

2. Form:

A lecture followed by a discussion with the lecturers concerning specific situations or issues.

3. Educational goal:

In relation to approval of the Personal Data Protection Act, No. 101/2000 Coll., and establishment of the Office for Personal Data Protection (hereinafter “the Office”) in 2000, the media have been paying increased attention to the aspects of personal data protection as an extremely important part of rights of each individual. Although the general awareness of this aspect is relatively high in the Czech Republic, also thanks to activities of the Office, almost no or very little attention has been paid to certain social groups in this respect. These groups undoubtedly include children and youth. However, in the near future, the current students of elementary and secondary schools will gradually become adults and bear the related political and economic responsibilities. Therefore, their knowledge of personal data protection must be continuously raised so as to ensure that this issue is not out of their interest at a time when they can affect the future of the society as a whole.

Schools are amongst the most important information channels whereby the students of elementary and secondary schools can be acquainted with the subject of personal data protection. However, information provided to the students within the subjects of basic social science, history, information and computer technology must be correct and also linked with specific examples of the practical situations involving protection of privacy and personal data. Therefore, the Office for Personal Data Protection has created an educational program in the framework of DVPP, whose aim is to prepare the teachers at elementary and secondary schools for topics in the area of personal data protection and enable their incorporation in the educational programs of individual schools.

4. Number of hours + educational goal:

A lecture consisting of 4 teaching hours

5. Number of participants and specification of the target group of teachers:

The primary target group consists of teachers of the following subjects:


specific educational goal related to the given subjekt

Czech language and literature

ability to perceive the concept of privacy and personal data protection in various time periods on the basis of a literary text or a work of art

basics of social sciences

personal data protection and protection of privacy in the context of human rights, law and psychology


development of opinions on human privacy, its value and establishment of personal data protection in various time periods within the development of the European civilization, influence of totalitarian regimes on the perception of protection of privacy


information and computer technology

protection of personal data, their securing in automated processing – security within the Internet, principles of administration of computer technology with respect to data protection, danger of identity theft, modern equipment in personal data protection (tapping, RFID, database systems), principle of electronic signature


possibilities of taking DNA samples, their subsequent processing for verification or identification purposes, different approaches to DNA databases in other countries, creation of databases of fingerprints and other personal identifiers, sensitive data in health care; human privacy – privacy of animals

6. Place:

Office for Personal Data Protection
Pplk. Sochora 27
Prague 7

If teachers from distant regions show substantial interest in this subject, the Office is able to provide a lecture in the given regional capital.

7. Professional guarantor:

RNDr. Igor Němec
President of the Office for Personal Data Protection

8.  Material and technical background:

The Office will provide its premises including the necessary audiovisual equipment. Individual participants in the workshop will be provided with information materials.

9.  Manner of evaluation of the program:

After the lecture, the participants will have the opportunity to express their opinion on the contents of the lecture and raise additional questions; the participants in the workshops will be presented with a test and a questionnaire; correct answers will be a precondition for granting a certificate on completion of the course.



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