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Notification obligation


Pursuant to Article 16(1) of the Act, whoever intends to process personal data in the capacity of a controller, with the exception as described in Article 18, shall notify such intention in writing to the Office. Such registration notification may be lodged by the controllers electronically with help of a registration form to be found on the Office web site, which must contain all statutory information pursuant to Articles 16(2)(a) through 16(2)(i).

If a legal person with seat outside the Czech Republic (also beyond the EU) perform personal data processing in the capacity of controller on the Czech territory through processors, such processing is still obliged to be registered with the Office for Personal Data Protection. In these cases the processor on the Czech territory notifies the processing.

Under the Act, the Office shall keep a register of personal data processing [Article 29(1)(b)], and also make the register accessible to the public (Article 35(2)), with the exception of information as described in Article 16(2)(e) and Article 16(2)(i). The public register of personal data processing is available on the Office web site and it is possible to search in it by the name of the subject, the allocated registration number or the company identification number.



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