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7th year (2013) - document archive


On 26 June 2013 winners of the 7th edition of the competition “My privacy! Don´t look, don´t poke about!” visited our Office. Mr Antonín Šusta, deputy president, and Ms Eva Vrbová, director of the basic identifiers department handed over the diplomas and awards. The visiting children were also acquainted with the activity of the said department.

The event was followed by a friendly sit-down with the members of the Office´s press department. Then children visited with their accompaniment Czech Radio (media partner of the competition) and its department.

Photographs are available here.

Results of the 7th year (2013)

Expert jury (Ms Helena Kačerová, Czech Radio, Mr Roman Giebisch, Association of Library and Information Professionals, Mr Zdeněk M. Záliš, Saferinternet, Mr Josef Michal, IT department of the Czech Personal Data Protection Office as well as members of the Office´s press department) came together 6 June 2013 to choose three winning contributions out of fifteen incoming within the framework of this year´s edition of the competition.
Apart of this, the jury decided to award three honourable mentions.

Winning contributions: Honourable mentions:
Eva Bartáková

Kolektivní dílo studentů ZŠ Luhačovice
WMV soubor
David Strašil, Šumperk

Martina Jelínková, Ivančice

Zuzana Zavadilová, Kroměříž

Kristýna Zaklová, Ivančice

We congratulate the awarded, thank all the others who sent their contributions and we are looking forward to meeting the winners on 26 June 2013 at the award-giving ceremony in the premises of the Czech Personal Data Protection Office. The event will be accompanied by a short social programme.

Personal Data Protection Day 2013
Competition for children and youth
“My Privacy! Don’t look, don’t poke about!”
7th Edition

Do you communicate over the social networks? Do you think of protection of your personal data and privacy when opening an account?

Your experience with social networks matters and we encourage you to tell us what you like and dislike, or what you would like to get improved in the world of social networks.

Are you under 18 years? We invite you to draw inspiration from the below mentioned questions and to send us your experience then. All your responses will be valuable for us.

If you are under 15, please ask for consent your parents and attach a notice to your contribution that you have done so.

You may send in your contributions until 14. May 2013, either electronically to or by ordinary post to Office for Personal Data Protection, press department, Pplk. Sochora 27, 170 00 Prague 7 (please mark the envelope with “Privacy”).

We will select and appraise by 1 June 2013 the contribution demonstrating your ability to use social networks smartly or bringing in open evidence of your bad experience. Winners will be invited to Prague to be awarded. Moreover, they will be invited to further co-operate with us... Let be surprised!

  • Do you read privacy policy notices before opening your social networks account? Are these notices comprehensible?
  • Do you care about your personal data, namely how they are treated by the social networks provider?
  • Has any information about your person you posted on the web a negative impact on your life? Has it taken you by surprise?
  • Do you have any idea how in terms of privacy protection the social networks should look like?

Partners of the competition:



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