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Ministry of Interior


Police of the Czech Republic

Schengen information system:


National Data Protection Authorities

Each member state shall ensure that an independent authority (the national supervisory authority) monitors independently the lawfulness of the processing of personal data on their territory and its transmission from their territory, and the exchange and further processing of supplementary information.

Links to the supervisory authorities of the individual member states


Cooperation between national supervisory authorities and the European Data Protection Supervisor

The national supervisory authorities and the European Data Protection Supervisor each acting within the scope of its respective competences, shall cooperate actively in the framework of their responsibilities and shall ensure coordinated supervision of the systems.

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SIS II Supervision Coordination Group

VIS Supervision Coordination Group

Eurodac Supervision Coordination Group

CIS Supervision Coordination Group

Joint Supervisory Authority  (JSA)

The Schengen Joint Supervisory Authority (JSA) was an independent body composed of members from national data protection authority from each member state. It was supported by its own secretariat, based in Brussels. This cooperation is now realized either on bilateral basis or within the coordinated meetings of representatives of all national supervisory authorities organized by the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) ensuring coordinated supervision of the system.

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