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10th year (2016)



On Monday, 13 June 2016 we welcomed at the Office the winners of the traditional "Don´t Look! Don´t Poke about!" competition. The award-winning children came together with their teachers or parents. The awards and diplomas were handed over by the Offices President, Ms Ivana Janů. Afterwards, they used the opportunity to learn about the Office´s activity. Then, the visitors were offered a tour around the historical premises of the National Library as well as a visit to the backstage of the Czech Radio.

Photos from the event are available here.


The jury consisted of Ms Helena Kačerová (Czech Radio), Mr Roman Giebisch (Association of Library and Information Professionals), Ms Naděžda Eretová (School Management) and members of the Office´s press unit selected on 31 May 2016 winners of the 10th edition of the "My Privacy! Don´t Look, Don´t Poke about!" competition.

Topic I: World without privacy
Category 7-13 years
Vendula Bubníková

Category 14-18 years
Adam Pešek
Matěj Říha

Topic II - The safest place to store personal data

Category 7-13 years
Marek Bill

Category 14-18 years
Helena Stamenkovičová

We congratulate to the winners who succeeded in the competition of almost two hundred contributions and look forward to the meeting on 13 June 2016 at the Office for Personal Data Protection where an interesting program will be waiting.
We thank all participants for taking part in the competition and sending their creations. We extend our thanks also to schools and libraries which took their time and gave attention to the issue of personal data protection.

Special praise for a long-term work with children within the competition has been given to the Elementary School and the Kindergarten in the municipality of Ludgeřovice.


Office for Personal Data Protection
on occasion of the Data Protection Day of 28 January 2016


10th edition of the competition for children and youth

„My privacy! Don´t Look, Don´t Poke About!“


We take great pleasure in launching the jubilee, already tenth edition of the competition “My privacy! Don´t Look, Don´t Poke About!”. Experience from the past nine years has confirmed that children and youth care about privacy and their interest has definitely not weakened. The number of contributions received over the years has totalled 1500. Consequently, the jury always has an uneasy task to choose the winning contributions. We extend once more our thanks to all participants for their contributions in whatever form: written stories, drawings, photos, videos, drafts of badges, etc.

And what topic have we chosen this year? Employ your imagination and try to show how you would imagine the world without privacy. There would not be any secret, you would not be able to leave any detail from your life to yourselves. How such a world would function? Would it be better or worse than our present world? How could such world come true – by giving up privacy and data protection of one´s free will, of ignorance, by mistake or has someone taken it by force? Let your imagination run wild as you write stories, essays or scenarios. You also can create and play a sketch and capture it on video.

We will not omit those who prefer drawing, painting or graphic arts either. Everyone knows or thinks at least that knows where to safely put money, where to place a secret notebook, how to hide a photo. But in what way shall we treat personal data? How and where can we deposit information about ourselves? Try to depict the safest place for personal data storage, how could it look like or where could it be.

We have divided both topics by age groups of 7 – 13 years and 14 – 18 years respectively.

Apart from individuals, schools, school clubs, libraries, leisure time establishments or different children teams may participate. Please let us know if you decide to work in groups and to develop some accompanying activities (discussion party, competition among classes. etc.). We can share the information on our website.

Participants under 18 years of age are invited to send their contributions (please indicate your name, address and age*) by 30 April 2016, either by electronic mail to (files up to max. 9 MB) or by ordinary post to Office for Personal Data Protection, press division, Pplk. Sochora 27, 170 00 Praha 7 (please quote “Privacy” on the envelope).

Authors of the best proposals can look forward to an interesting program accompanying the award ceremony.

Information about the competition will regularly be updated on the office´s website at , under the For Youth section .

* The address will be used for purposes of the competition only. Name and age can be used for promotion of personal data protection , unless we receive your explicit wish not to use your contribution for promotional purposes. If you are under 15, please ask your parents for consent allowing you to take part in the competition .

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