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9th year (2015)


On Monday, 8 June 2015 we welcomed at the Office´s premises winners of the 9th edition of the competition My Privacy! Don´t Look, Don´t Poke About! They arrived in accompany of their teachers or parents. Mr Igor Němec, president of the Office festively awarded eight winners with diplomas and prizes. Then, Ms Eva Vrbová, director of the basic identifiers department acquainted the children with the activities of the ORG office which is functional part of the basic register system. The children shared their feelings and underlying motivation with an editor of the Parlamentní listy newspapers.

The event was followed by a visit to the National Library. Later, the children used the opportunity to look behind the scenes at the premises of the Czech Radio Prague, a traditional media partner of this competition.

We congratulate all winners once more, thank all competitors and look forward to the next – jubilee – edition of the competition.

Photos are available here. Svaz knihovníků a informačních pracovníků ČR


The 9th edition of the My Privacy! Don´t Look, Don´t Poke About! Competition knows the winners! The jury members Ms Helena Kačerová (Czech Radio), Mr Roman Giebisch (Association of Library and Information Professionals), Ms Tereza Zadražilová (SaferInternet) came together with the Office´s press department people on Friday, 22 May 2015. To choose winners out of a hundred of contributions was not an easy task. Eventually, the jury selected six competitors.

Category I: texts, videos and other

Šárka Blümelová - ZŠ Pohořelice

Anita Žemličková - ZŠ a MŠ Kanice

Adéla Ševčíková, Tereza Adam-Einholzová, Vendula Rotreklová - ZŠ a MŠ Kanice

Category II: posters

Radka Chaloupková, Sezimovo Ústí

Karolína Kůrková, Cyrilometodějské gymnázium Prostějov

Tra My Pham, Vodňany

We congratulate the winners and look forward to meeting them on Monday, 8 June 2015 at the Office for Personal Data Protection where an interesting program will be prepared.

We thank to all participants who sent in their contributions as well as to schools and libraries that devoted much time and attention to the issue of personal data protection. Svaz knihovníků a informačních pracovníků ČR


Personal Data Protection Day 2015
Competition for children and youth
“My Privacy! Don’t look, don’t poke about!”
9th Edition

Value of information compares gold. Everything is OK if held in proper hands and used for intended purposes. Imagine however that your personal information, possibly even sensitive data would leak from, for instance, the database of your bank, insurance company, public administrative body, from police registers or medical records. What could happen then?

Young competitors may write a story, essay, or screenplay, they even may perform the invented story before a camera and produce a film or depict the narration in form of cartoon. Well-read children and youth will have the opportunity to write a text explaining in which book or movie they encountered the issue of privacy and personal data protection or what historic event reflects, in their view, privacy protection as a key element, regardless of how the event came off, well or badly.

For those who prefer drawing or painting we prepared an alternative. They may - within the boundaries of the prescribed subject matter - create freely a poster reminding on the first sight of the topicality of personal data protection. There are no limits to creativity.

Children and youth up to 18 years of age are encouraged to send their creations (please don´t forget to mention your name, address and age*) by 17 April 2015 either electronically to (maximum file size 3 MB) or by ordinary post to Office for Personal Data Protection, Press Department, Pplk. Sochora 27, 170 00 Prague 7 (please mark the envelope by the word “Privacy“).

We will welcome any supporting activity taken by schools, for example by announcing the competition simultaneously in more classes, holding a discussion on personal data protection or by way of organizing other accompanying program related to the subject matter. These schools will receive the opportunity to post their views concerning the competition on the Office´s website. The most interesting contributions will be awarded.

Winning authors will be invited to Prague to an award-giving ceremony followed by an interesting programme.

Information on the competition will regularly be updated on the Office´s website at under the “For youth” section (in the Czech language).

* Address will be used for competition purposes only, name and age will if need be used for promotion of data protection unless we don´t receive your explicit wish not to publish the submitted proposal for promotional purposes.

Partners of the competition: Svaz knihovníků a informačních pracovníků ČR

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