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11th year (2017)


Office for Personal Data Protection
on occasion of the Data Protection Day of 28 January 2017


11th edition of competition for children and youth

“My privacy! Don´t look, don´t poke about!“


We offer a challenge for those courageous of you who like drawing and painting, or work with graphic software. Have a think over privacy, consider who or what could be helpful to protect it. Let your imagination run riot, your guardian can be an animal, an object, but also a completely fanciful being. To cut it short, we invite you to create a data privacy mascot.

Those who prefer thinking with ballpoint pen in hand, over keyboard, or holding a camcorder, will not have easier task. We encourage you to draft an essay, story, screenplay, or to record a video trying to explain where you see the difference between secrecy and privacy. Does privacy always mean secrecy? Is one of these aspects more important? How would you explain the differences, if any, to for instance younger children?

To join the competition are also invited, like in the previous years, whole classes, after-school clubs, libraries, leisure-time centers, and other youth groups. If you decide for team work and invent some accompanying activities please let us know not only the result but give us a taste of the atmosphere during your creation. We will publicly share your information and photographic or video documentation on our website. Authors of the contributions selected by the jury as the best ones, can look forward to a special reward.

You may take part within two age groups of 7 – 13 years and 14 – 18 years respectively.

Participants under 18 years of age are invited to send their contributions (please indicate your name, address and age*) by 30 April 2017, either by electronic mail to (files up to max. 9 MB) or by ordinary post to Office for Personal Data Protection, press division, Pplk. Sochora 27, 170 00 Praha 7 (please quote “Privacy” on the envelope).

Authors of the best proposals can look forward to an interesting program accompanying the award ceremony.

Information about the competition will regularly be updated on the office´s website at, under the For Youth section.

* The address will be used for purposes related to the competition only. Name and age can be used for promotion of personal data protection, unless we receive your explicit wish not to use your contribution for promotional purposes. If you are under 15t, please ask your parents for consent allowing you to take part in the competition.

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