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  • Cyber threats involve personal data
    Prague, 8 June 2022 – Mr Jiří Kaucký, president of the Office for Personal Data Protection, took auspices over the 23rd edition of the Information Security Summit 2022.
  • Fake camera is not in breach of the GDPR, yet the installation can be sanctioned
    Prague, 10 May 2022 – The Office for Personal Data Protection (OPDP) investigated into a complaint concerning installation of a video surveillance system for staff monitoring. The on-spot inspection revealed that the system is not functional but only a fake device not breaching the GDPR. However, as such installation might be regarded to be at variance with labour law regulations, the OPDP passed the matter on to the competent labour inspectorate.
  • Statement on the reservation system for COVID-19 vaccination
    2. 3. 2021 – The Office for Personal Data Protection has initiated an inspection at a private supplier of the online vaccination reservation system operated through the platform This step was made on the basis of numerous complaints as well as of certain media information revealing serious concerns as to the breach of the data protection law in the course of the processing operations related to this central online reservation for the COVID-19 vaccination.
  • The Office investigates into the transmission of structured data of people in quarantine to the police
    2. 3. 2021 – The Office for Personal Data Protection has launched an investigation into the transmission of data relating to quarantined persons to the Police of the Czech Republic.
  • Visitors reservation systems used by public institutions shall process minimum of client data
    23. 12. 2020 – Public institutions must explain the purposes for which they require specific personal data from citizens applying for a visit and why they process these data in a given manner. They also must justify why they used private outsourced supplier. The Office for Personal Data Protection draws attention to this issue on the basis of its investigations.
  • Cybersecurity is a matter of our own responsibility first and foremost
    23. 10. 2020 – The prestigious international conference IS2 – Information Security Summit – took place under the auspices of the Office for Personal Data Protection. Mr Jiří Kaucký, the office´s president, presented his greetings whereby he summed up the dangers that from the data protection perspective the cyberspace brings implies and outlined possibilities how to avoid them.
  • I want an independent authority that will be a partner for the public and private sectors
    9. 10. 2020 – The president of the Office for Personal Data Protection, Mr Jiří Kaucký, held a speech at the international conference “GDPR 2020“. He presented the current priorities and goals to be pursued.
  • Highest ever fine imposed by the office for spam
    25. 9. 2020 – The office has fined a used car dealer CZK 6 million for repeated sending of unsolicited commercial communications. It is the highest fine the office imposed for this kind of breach.
  • The Office Has a New President
    1. 9. 2020 - Lawyer Jiří Kaucký is a new President of the Office for Personal Data Protection.
  • The Office for Personal Data Protection celebrates 20th anniversary
    1. 6. 2020 – For 20 years already Czech citizen´s personal data have been protected by the office that was established as an independent administrative body on 1 June 2000.
  • This unprecedented challenge can only be tackled in unity and solidarity
    14. 4. 2020 – The Office for Personal Data Protection presents a joint statement on the right to data protection in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic issued by Ms Alessandra Pierucci, Chair of the Committee of Convention 108 and by Mr Jean-Philipp Walter, Data Protection Commissioner of the Council of Europe.
  • Information for visitors
    16. 3. 2020 – Given the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, we strongly encourage you, as a preventive measure, to opt for electronic and phone communication rather than for a visit in person at the office premises.
  • Statement on Avast case
    11. 2. 2020 - Statement of the Czech Office for Personal Data Protection on the current affair concerning Avast Software s.r.o.
  • Meeting with retirement home staff closed this year´s lecture series
    19.12. 2019 – The Office for Personal Data Protection represented by Ms Soňa Matochová, head of the analytical division, provided a lecture for the staff of a retirement home in Prague. The presentation was tailor-made to the specific needs of social workers. The audience could learn main principles of the GDPR as well as of the Czech data protection act. Special focus was put on the instrument of consent which is often used excessively. Finally, the retirement home staff profited from a vivid discussion.
  • Czech supervisory authority hosted Day for Small Entrepreneurs
    16.12. 2019 – The Office for Personal Data Protection organized one more event for public last week. The target audience was small data controllers. This event complemented a successful series of meetings with data protection officers that the Czech authority has been organizing for two years already.
  • Refused applicants for information may turn to the office as of January 2020
    31. 7. 2019 – The Office for Personal Data Protection reminds all applicants for information refused by authorities to settle their request that it will be possible to approach the office starting January next year.
  • DPOs updated on novelties in data protection
    26. 6. 2019 – The Office organized another two seminars for DPOs in June. It was a follow up to the successful series of the past and the beginning of the current year. The central topic was the Czech legislation adapting the GDPR as well as some novelties which this piece of legislation has brought about.
  • Office´s Experts Trained Regional DPOs
    31. 5. 2019 – DPOs of municipalities from the Carlsbad Region profited from the experience of our office´s experts during an event at the premises of the regional council.
  • European Data Protection Has Global Potential
    30. 5. 2019 – Ms Ivana Janů, president of the Czech supervisory authority, made a speech at the 20th edition of IS2, a prestigious international conference on information security last Wednesday.
  • U.S. Students Visited the Office
    21. 3. 2019 – The Office for Personal Data Protection hosted students from the Iowa State University of Science and Technology early this week. The objective was twofold, to introduce the GDPR and to compare the approach to data privacy in the EU and the USA.
  • 2018 Annual Report Published
    28. 2. 2019 – Annual report covering the year 2018 has been posted on the Office´s website.
  • dTEST submitted a complaint against Google
    17. 1. 2019 – The Office for Personal Data Protection received a complaint against Google from a data subject represented by the non-profit organization dTest, o.p.s. in mid-December 2018. It concerns namely the processing of personal data in relation to the whereabouts of its users.
  • Update on the case
    14. 1. 2019 – Office´s statement on the termination of the domain.
  • Much can be rectified if the controller is honest
    27. 11. 2018 – Mr Josef Prokeš, the office´s administration section director, spoke at the conference “GDPR - 180 days after” organized in Prague by the Association for personal data protection (Spolek pro ochranu osobních údajů) and the Microsoft corporation. Mr Prokeš offered first experience with the GDPR from the authority´s point of vantage. His presentation can bear the motto “Much can be rectified if the controller is honest”.
  • Office´s findings about the GDPR application
    12. 11. 2018 – The Office for Personal Data Protection shared publicly its findings and experience relating to the GDPR application. Mrs Miroslava Matoušová, senior counsel for government affairs, offered this information at the Czech Compliance Association conference last week in Prague.

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